Next Landmark 2014 rewards Mariela Apollonio for The Art Circle. Mara Corradi Curator Next Landmark 2014

First Price Next Landmark 2014. Text published in Floornature, Architecture Blog. August 2014

"Mariela Apollonio puts museum curators on a pedestal in her collection of photographs entitled The Art Circle. Her series of 23 photographs of curators of prestigious museums all over the world were entered in the 2014 Next Landmark international architecture and photography contest, and won the prize in the Photography section. Mariela Apollonio won a prize for The Art Circle in the Photography category of Next Landmark 2014, an international architecture and photography contest organised by Floornature, held for the third time this year.
What are the mechanisms that make a work of art? Mariela Apollonio asked the curators of 23 prestigious museums all over the world. In The Art Circle, the curators do not hesitate to become works of art themselves, portrayed standing on a pedestal in the centre of the frame. The curator gets up on the pedestal and is displayed to the public like a sculpture or installation. The curators smile at us and, even though Mariela Apollonio did not make their pedestal too high, they look down at us from their privileged position, aware of the duty and honour of beating a path for others. While the trend in publishing is towards dispossession of the publishing houses, thanks to the web medium, which allows anyone to publish online without the usual filters on competence, museum institutions are reinforcing their central role in the world of art, declaring that there can be no art without an art museum."

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